My best spa experience: Peak spa in Chiang Mai-Thailand

It’s been a while since I heard about the famous thai massage. I always heard good comments about it but had never experienced it myself until 2 days ago, when I arrived in Chiang Mai! After a 1Am flight and a day walking around, going to the spa seemed like a reasonable idea.

I grabbed a few brochures at the hostel and decided to go to Peak spa because their prices were a little more reasonable. I chose the jacuzzi milky bath and of course, the thai massage. They sent a taxi to pick me up at my hostel.

When I arrived, there was already a lady to greet me at the door. She called me by my name which I found great since some spas wouldn’t have bothered come get you in the car! I was asked to leave my sandals out and wear these cuties


The interior was nice and cozy! You could already feel the tension leaving your body! It was mostly wooden and the atmosphere was calm and peaceful. They served me some natural juice and the staff was more than nice!


I used the bathroom before starting my milky bath and I was pleasantly welcomed by one of the cleanest bathrooms ever! (After India I value clean bathrooms more than most of people).


I was already feeling like a queen. When I entered the private room, I got so excited! It was just gorgeous! All of this just for me! It was perfect.



The milky bath lasted 30 minutes and was so relaxing. I got some me time and I got to think about the year 2014. (What was I happy with? What I need to work on..) Nothing better than a jacuzzi to reposition your life lol.

After this, It was tile for the thai massage. In a few words: sensual, relaxing, a little violent at times (my back cracked!! So cool) the lady surely knew what she was doing! It was great! I left the spa feeling younger (if that’s even possible with my 20 years of age) , more energized, more peaceful, boosted.
They served some tea before I left



If you are ever in Chiang Mai , I highly suggest you consider a spa evenning at Peak Spa! It is totally worth it.


A travel lover.


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