Traveling solo part 2// THAILAND

Some of you read my post ‘Traveling solo solo’, if you didn’t make sure you check it out. Last year, I decided to go to Barcelona by myself, leaving the doubts and fear behind me and stepping out of my safe comfort zone to make the first step into this journey. It turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life and it left me hungry for more. People tell me I’m brave to travel alone and to be honest with you, sometimes I don’t know if it’s courage or simple craziness. 

I feel like this post is really important because too many young people seem to be afraid to take this risk. I am not going to pretend that I don’t get a little stressed out before a solo trip or that I don’t take some time to think about it before but jumping is definitely something to do once in your life. I was about to say especially if you are in your 20s but I think it’s something you should do whenever you feel like getting some time for yourself. Why in 20s, is because I consider it as a period where we have some doubts about not necessarily WHO we are but WHAT we should make of who we are. My parents always saw me as being brave and adventurous but I would’ve never been able to see it myself if I hadn’t taken some risks in my life. I also came to realize that I am way more sensitive than it seems. This crazy side is balanced with a (maybe too) gentle heart. I’ve been able to realize how much I love, how much I care about people and how I am always analyzing them. Traveling has definitely helped me take a look on the inside so my outside could be a better reflection of my true self.

In your 20s you are overwhelmed sometimes. With school, deciding what you want to do after you graduate, knowing if what your family wants for you is really what you should do, meeting people, leaving people… and sometimes I admit you can feel like you are suffocating. Traveling alone will show you that you are first of all an individual and that you are not tied to people’s decisions. You are the master of many things in your life and you should only take advises, not feel trapped in the middle of what people think is right for you.

In your 20s you might feel a little insecure about a few things. I’ve learned that the most ‘confident’ people in this world also have some insecurities. You might doubt your own abilities especially if you’ve always had your parents or siblings to do some things for you. (It’s only about two years ago that I started booking my trips on my own). And it’s ok if this is your situation but now is the time to take risks. You will be surprised by how easy things turn out to be. “Oh it’s that easy?” I got to say that a lot.


In your 20s you need to see new landscapes. It is so easy to stay stuck where we are, thinking that our habits and ways of doing things are the center of the universe. Traveling will open your eyes and also open your mind before you become this old fashioned person with a fixed idea about everything. I got to develop my mind about many things especially in India.

In your 20s you need some time alone, far from the loud friends and the excess of parties and alcohol. Say what you want, one life to live or whatever, partying is not everything in life. Oh honey if you knew how better other things were! When you travel solo, you get to spend more time on your own. You get some time to read or to observe, you get more time to think. The meal tastes better because no one is waiting for you to hurry so they can go to that museum. You feel like you have all the time in the world and you find yourself thinking about things like…happiness, nature, drawing, I don’t know…things that make you happy. You have a clear mind and you realize that you appreciate life better when you are at peace.

I often ask people why they like to travel. It fascinates me how different the answers are. The most touching answer I got was from this girl who reached out to me recently on my travel page. She said that her dad was a traveller and that he always used to bring her souvenirs that she kept in a collection. Now that he passed away she feels like traveling is a way for her dad to be with her, to walk with her wherever she is. We all have different stories but they are all special. They are what makes us..US.

Tonight I am flying to Thailand…alone. I am so happy to spend 9 days alone, visiting the waterfalls, zip lining and reading on the beach. I will get to relax and refresh myself before I go back home (I am also more than happy about this! I can’t wait to see my loved ones home and hold them really tight). I am planning on trying the fish pedicure and visiting a few temples. Don’t worry I will share everything with you. Make sure you follow @takemeth3re on Instagram.

I am encouraging you to go. Save up some money and book a ticket. If you feel scared, know that we all do. But you will come back with no regrets.Create some stories that will make your future kids (if you want any) braver.


I’ve never been intimidated by people who think its crazy. I’d rather look up to people who did it. I encourage you to grow spiritually, mentally and take the risk to be on your own and enjoy your own company.


A travel lover


2 thoughts on “Traveling solo part 2// THAILAND

  1. I love this ! It really got me thinking. Recently I went on a solo trip to Italy and also to rome and it’s the best thing ever in my point of view. I learn to be happy with my self and by my self. I plan go do another solo trip as soon as I save some money. I can never image my self going to Thailand, but If you did it I have faith I can. Love your blog !! I’ll be reading more 🙂 – Gen


    1. Hi Gen!! 🙂 glad to hear from you. Wow Italy 🙂 i’d like you to share your experience. I al currently making a compilation of my readers solo travel experience. Interested? My email is and yess you can go wherever you decide to go! Have a little faith 😉 xx


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