Train experience. Pros and Cons

Hello travel lovers,

Last week end, I was in New Delhi. For the first time ever, I took the train. The fact that I was alone made the adventure even better. Many people asked about the train experience. They asked questions like: Do you sleep well? do they give you food? So I decided to blog about it. after all, I am here to help young people like me feel more confident about taking risks and feeling more secure.



Overall, taking the train was a great experience. My advice to you is to always be ready to pay extra for more comfort. Going to Delhi, I was on the 3AC class. It was good, however, the fact that they have 3 beds one on top of the other, makes it impossible to sit. You either have your back bent or you are laying down. Not the most comfortable situation. On my way back, however, I was on the 2AC class, the one right before 1st class and it was a great choice. Only 2 beds one on top of the other so it was easy to sit down whenever I wanted.

The food

I was quite impressed with the food. Nothing fancy but at least it seemed really clean and they feed you twice a day. You don’t really get the time to starve. Plus, we get ice cream after our meals. One word: satisfied. Nothing to complain about in this area.


After more than a month in India, I must say that hygiene is not always a priority in most of the cases. They don’t seem to put it in their top 5 things to do. The sheets were ok, but not the cleanest. If you have enough space, bring a blanket and a pillow. If you are already carrying too many things, try to just bring a pillow, the blankets can pass.


The bathrooms are horrible. Dirty, tiny and disgusting are the words. Bringing your toilet paper is a MUST. Put it on a list so you won’t forget it. And most importantly don’t get sick before your trip so you won’t have to use the bathroom more than once or twice.

Things to do on the train

Well this honestly depends on what you enjoy the most. I love reading and writing so taking the train was the occasion for me to finish a book and work on my own book. I listened to music and stared at the window. It was a peaceful time for me. I enjoyed it. It is up to you but i strongly suggest you load some movies on your laptop or iPad and that you bring a book. Also a little notebook can be useful to write some thoughts. We often think that we will remember everything but as time goes by, we forget things we thought we’d never forget. It is always a good idea to write them down.

Hope this was useful to some of you! Until next time


A travel lover


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