An open letter to the brokenhearted

A letter to the people I love and the ones I don’t know to tell them that I am thinking about them. A letter to try to bring a smile, a letter to try to dry the eyes. Although your lips are smiling, I know that you are still bleeding and I won’t pretend to understand the pain you’ve been through but I can assure you that looking at you, I feel it to.

I’ve never experience such a pain but when I look at you I know that when life hits, I will have the courage to stand back up. You might not realize all the positivity and strength that you brought to your circle, just by smiling again. This letter might be the only resource I have besides my hugs and smile to tell you that I admire you, to tell you that your loved one is in heaven even though I know you’d rather have them here with you. We are all human, physical presence is better than the hope of eternity..i know..Let’s not pretend. But I want you to know that angels are watching over you and God is making your heart stronger. I believe that there is a joy coming from the pain you had to endure. I want you to know that you are loved…by your family, your friends, by me, and that no matter what happens in life, I will ALWAYS think of your strength and remember that no heart is too broken to beat again.

A letter of comfort? I doubt it. Just a few words that I took moths to put on paper because they never seemed to come out right. A letter to each and every one of you who are still moving forward, still walking, still fighting. As I saw under a picture today “Life could be worst”

It could… In the middle of it all, know that you are loved.



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