Who can compare to you my King

Back in the train.. Going back to Hyderabad. I am still working on my book and it constantly sends me to my bible, the word of God.

I am more in love with Jesus today then I was yesterday. His love and mercy overwhelm me seriously. Last night, I talked to God in the dark, asking Him to show me what in my life was not bringing me closer to Him so I could work on it. Everybody has different spiritual gift and one of my greatest gifts is the gift of dreams. God talks to me in dreams.. Yes and it is always so clear. So after my prayer I went to bed and of course I had a dream. I am not going to explain what it was as it is not so personal but more fit for a face to face conversation. It blew my mind away how God listens to me.. He answers me, He leads me. He is so amazing.
Since I’ve been in India, I experienced different things showing how real the presence of God is. He never left me alone, not once and every time I asked for a sign of His presence, I got it.

Just to remind you that God will never leave you. He is by your side.. Every second. He knows you, He cares about you. Never let the devil convince you that you are alone. You never were and you will never be. Fix your crown, you are a child of THE King.




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