Capturing life through your lens

Sitting in my little room in Delhi, I am working on some pictures I took during my stay in India.

At some point of my life, I thought anyone could be a photographer, it came so naturally to me, but I came to realize that I was wrong.

It hit me when one of my friends here asked me “why do you take pictures of the pineapple? They don’t have it in Haïti?” And I suddenly realized that not everybody has the gift to capture life’s most random moments. If she saw the end picture, she would be impressed, but when she saw me taking the picture, she couldn’t imagine the final result. I suddenly started to be grateful for that passion. With my Nikon, and even my iPhone 4S, I capture the most natural moments and the pictures take my breathe away. A mother with her child, an old man, a foot…

A photographer knows how to immediately capture the details. He/She knows when to capture what might seem meaningless on the moment. I thank God for this gift. I see with my heart, not with my eyes. I believe this makes one appreciate the little things in life.







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