An afternoon at hauz khas village

Hello travel lovers,

I arrived to Delhi in one piece yesterday and minus some things (that I’ll explain later on) everything is going great. I am now sitting in a tiny caffe and I decided to write a blog post while my amateur guide is finishing his chai (the best tea on heart! I don’t like tea but this…. No words).

I am in Hauz Khas village. I had no clue this place existed because I am not the type to really plan my stays. Besides where I’m going to sleep and some activities, I don’t really plan what I will visit. So this village was a nice surprise! I love to be impressed. I have an adventurous soul. This place is filled with people visiting, talking a walk or just sight seeing. What I love the most besides the discrete little caffes, the amazingly beautiful restaurants, and the peaceful environment, are the antique boutiques! I passed by one and I was wonderfully pleased. You could find anything there! From old telephones to really old keys (I bought one). Here are some pictures of the little treasures.






Hoping that you will enjoy this little part of my adventure in Delhi, I will now disconnect from the wifi of this little caffe and keep enjoying my time.


A travel lover


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