Taking the train to New Delhi

Hello travel lovers,

I am currently sitting on a train, leaving Hyderabad towards New Delhi. The busy and dangerous city, so I’ve heard. You probably assumed that I am with a group of friends, laughing and talking to make the time pass. No, I am alone. Why would I do that? Why would I get on a train and go to Delhi alone?

Well I won’t really be alone since I will meet someone over there. However the decision to go alone came to my mind because nobody could go on that week-end. To all the people I asked to come with me, they either went already or were planning to go later on. I’ve lived long enough to know that you won’t go far if you are tied to people’s decisions. If you don’t have the courage to jump alone sometimes, your dreams will pass you by and you’ll just hear the brave ones talk about their adventures. I’ve been here on earth 20 years but I can already talk about many times when waiting for people has been a big mistake.

I decided to book my train ticket very last minute. It will be a 22 hours ride. I figured I would get some time to read and write. I enjoy my me time once in a while. I spoke to Abinit, my indian friend I met last year when I was studying abroad in Europe. He said he could come to Delhi that week-end to show me around. So that was perfect right? Especially that I stopped believing in seeing travel friends again. But there was still one problem. I was a little scared to stay at a hostel in Delhi because of some stories I’ve heard. So I just decided that I would stay in a hotel! That was fine by me.

As I was telling one of my college friends back in Canada about my trip, she told me that her boyfriend was doing his masters in Delhi and that his flat had an extra room available! Before I could even evaluate the idea, she asked him to write me to tell me he would be glad to welcome me. Talk about things falling into place on their own! I will now have a free shelter, free tour guides and I will get to see my study abroad buddy!

So here I am, writing this post on a train. The tuktuk driver spoke a really weird language. After fighting over the price that he thought he heard and I knew I never said, I gave him an extra 10 rupees so he would shush. My mom trained a pretty good price negotiator. Everything went well. A nice lady helped me with the last details and I was on the train.

I encourage you to take the extra step and do some stuff on your own even if it seems scary. Eventually things will all fall into place. Just trust life a little.


A travel lover


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