Chasing the sun


Hi travel lovers!

I’m a little late with this post but with all the traveling we’ve been doing these past few days, I didn’t get the time to sit down to breathe and write on the blog. But i thought about you guys every day. Funny how every time I see something nice I want to capture it so I can share it with you later on. This picture (look up) was taken in Hampi a week ago at Mango Tree restaurant. This fruity liquid in my glass is a papaya-banana-pineapple lassi. Yum! I really love this picture because it illustrates a part of my personality so I decided to put it on the post, no other particular reason.

My two days in Hampi were simply great. We had such a great time, away from chaotic Hyderabad. I would share all of my adventures in Hampi with you but I’ve decided to stick to the one that marked me the most: Our hike to catch the sunrise.

At 4 AM, we woke up so we could go climb the Mathanga hill. For those of you rolling your eyes right now saying “I could never do that”, stop thinking so poorly of yourselves, you can do whatever you put your mind into.

Climbing was not so difficult but it was tiring and really scary at some moments. It looked like we could fall at any time but it was just an illusion. The more you climbed, the more you realized that fear was the only thing creating the impression of danger.


Ow we met a friend along the road.. we didn’t name him. It was really dark in this picture, the flash just gives an illusion of clarity.

IMG_0397 IMG_0399

These two pictures give you an idea of what it looked like to climb. See how clear it got? At that moment, we thought that we missed the sunrise because it was so clear! We just assumed that the sun rose in another direction or something. But we enjoyed the climb so much that it didn’t matter, we just decided to continue and enjoy every second of it. We laughed, talked, it was really an amazing moment with my new friends.

And just when we thought we came all this way to miss the sunrise,this light started to show up between a few clouds






At this moment, I smiled. Funny how God often speaks to us through’s true. You know when you are waiting for something, you know that God promised to make it come to pass but time is passing by and you are getting impatient and discouraged and you think that you missed your chance and it will never happen…but you keep walking, Through it all you keep moving, you keep praising in the hallway, you keep lifting your hands, you keep thanking, you keep hoping, you keep on keeping on. And, when you expect it the least, the light shows up.


“So is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it” Isaiah 55:11

Hold on the your promise. It might take time, it might seem dark, you might get weak, but remember that, those who wait on the lord shall fly like eagles and won’t grow weary. Remember that God is a faithful God. He doesn’t lie, He is all powerful, almighty, uncontainable, the seas and winds know His name. Why are you afraid?


Keep fighting the good fight. Take it to Him and rest…He can handle it.He separated the sea for Moses , He woke up Lazarus from the dead…Stay calm. He is the same yesterday and forever. Soon, you will see your sunrise.





A travel lover


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