Another intern??

Hi travel lovers!

Remember how I talked about India’s chaos? Well I think I should update you on what is currently going on in our flat.

We are now 15 interns living in 1 flat with 3 rooms… Yeah. About 6 of us sleep in the living room with mattresses and others share the rooms. The people who were SUPPOSED to take care of everything don’t even seem to realize that this situation is not normal. Here, people seem to not even make the difference between the acceptable and what is purely insane.
Between work , traveling and trying not to kill somebody, we are realizing what other interns meant when they said we needed to be fully prepared for India. I am personally learning to do everything myself ( organizing the house, if that is even possible) but most importantly, booking flights so I can breathe as much as possible. Last night I booked my flight to Thailand!! I will be there for 9 days before I go back to America. This will be a solo doll trip so I am preparing myself as much as I can. Tomorrow we will go to Goa for 4 days! Beach, sun and sand. I am pretty excited to go on this trip with my temporary besties.
I am also planning on buying a train ticket to Delhi to visit the Taj Mahal and see Abhinit (my study abroad Indian buddy) who would’ve thought? I don’t believe in “i’ll come visit” but yea it happens sometimes.
I still have a month to spend here in Asia in I intend to make the most out of it. Yesterday I missed my friends back home but it only shows that I am human! I am trying to enjoy every day while waiting to see my loved ones.

Questions about India? Don’t hesitate to write me. Also, I will write about my trip to Hampi soon! It was GREAT!

A travel lover



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