The man/woman behind the quote

Today I will write about something that has been on my mind for a little while…quotes. Yes quotes. You know, these motivational things you look for on google when you want some encouragement or when you want to find something illustrating your situation so you can post it on Instagram..quotes. some of you just use quotes to show how miserable their lives are but that’s another story.

Today, as I realized how clear my purpose is starting to get. The reason why I am here, what God created me to be. I felt so excited and fulfilled! I then went on Megan Good’s Instagram page. She and her husband, pastor Davon Francklin inspire me. I can’t keep myself from noticing how she grown in her walk with God. No I don’t know her personally but when God changes someone, you can see it, it is loud, it is beautiful. So, back to my point. While I was scrolling down her pictures, I saw this


I immediately posted it on my Instagram page! But what we seem to ignore most of the time is the name at the bottom of the picture. “What? A name? where?” Yes a name. These quotes don’t just pop out of nowhere and as a lover of people, I am fascinated by those planting seeds of greatness in the world. ( check my previous post )

This is how I learned a few things about richard Leider. Yes it is important to stay humble but some people really don’t get enough credits. So join me today in the man/woman behind the quote movement. Let’s learn more about the people behind these wonderful sayings.


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