“Not all those who wander are lost” right? Well yesterday I got lost. We went to visit the Charminar and a few of us lost the group. Whoo. India is not the best place to get lost. It is crowded, people stare at you, they don’t really speak your language and never have credits on their phones. The mixture of emotions I felt during this time that felt like an hour was incredible. I started looking around hoping to see a familiar face. All I saw were Indians, beggars, salesmen, autos and cars. The heat was terrible and I felt like a little boat in a big ocean. I was just floating.

During that time, I decided not to panic and to start walking and take some pictures. After all Doris (in finding Nemo) taught us that we just gotta keep swimming. Just keep swimming…that’s how you find your way out.

photo 2-6

This is me in the middle of what I decided to call a beautiful chaos. It hit me at that moment how far away I was from home. At another side of the world, walking in the streets. Wow. what an amazing world we live in. You jump in a plane, and a few hours later, you are so so far away.

Everything is different here in India. From the people to the ambiance. I am starting to get used to it in my own way. India has planted a seed in my heart and now my love for this country is starting to grow.

photo 3-4

I always knew that traveling opened our eyes but I didn’t realize how true that statement was. As I was in admiration when I saw a camel randomly walking by I noticed that this was just part of the everyday life here. So many differences! I guess that one really needs to get lost in order to find himself/herself.

photo 4-5

Funny how while I was scared, I found time to take a selfie. Fear is controllable. When I focused on the fact that, in the end everything would be OK, I was able to fully enjoy being lost. I looked at everything with different eyes. I was no longer with my group, taking pictures. I was just me, Sophie, walking in the streets.

Its easy to stand at the top, until you are called to be lost at the bottom.

photo 1-6

If I am writing about this today, you can guess that they ‘found’ me. I finally got the chance to use a phone (mine was out of credits like the rest of the people I asked) oops. The lesson I learned after this experience is not to be careful or stick with the group but to : GET LOST MORE OFTEN AND ENJOY IT. It is normal to get anxious and nervous at first but as I always say “Just enjoy the ride”. It’s part of the journey.

When are you planning on getting lost? 🙂 By getting lost I simply mean putting yourself out of your comfort zone, in a new situation. I am inviting you to plan something. Come on, get out of your routine and find beauty in the chaos.


A travel lover




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