Did you ever forget your own birthday?

Wouh! Days are so long in India. Feels like I’ve been here for two weeks. Can’t believe I just arrived here barely a week ago and believe it or not I’ve grown these past few days. You don’t need many days in India to see things differently. Everything is different here but what inspires me the most are the people. I could talk about many people in this post but I’ve decided to stick to this one particular young man at the orphanage, Isac. 

Isac turned 20 two days ago. what shocked us is that He didn’t even remember it. It was his friend who reminded him. He doesn’t actually live at the orphanage but he comes to see us every day. For us it is impossible to forget our own birthday right? But what happens when we are so focused on taking care of others that we forget ourselves? Isac’s mom left the house (they don’t know where she went), so now he has to take care of his siblings and also of his father. Isac is such a wonderful human being! He is so nice. Today he bought us some chips. We told him that we were the ones supposed to buy him something since it was his birthday two days ago. I wanted to buy him a sprite but he refused. Not even because of pride but because he really wanted to give us without getting anything in return. We just decided to sing Happy Birthday to Him.

Between teaching at the orphanage, talking about Jesus and trying to adapt, I’ve met some pretty amazing people. People like Isac make me think about many things. Being able to remember our own birthday is a blessing and we don’t even know it because it seems so basic. Isac looks so happy that you would never imagine that he never really thinks about himself. But….isn’t it what’s supposed to bring us the most happiness? Serving others. Yes but who thinks about us when we are focused on others? Which makes the whole concept of serving others so important. While Isac is busy taking care of his family, we could give him something. It can be our time, our affection, a ball (he told me he really liked football) not American football, real football :p So I am really thinking about giving him a ball. He already has a bible so that won’t be necessary. 🙂

All we need is LOVE, really. Nothing else matters. The scripture says that we could have everything in the world but without love, we are nothing. If everybody lived by this, the world would be different. It all starts with ourselves and it’s a never ending cycle. God loves us so we love ourselves because He first loved us, and by loving ourselves, we can give love to others, who can love others because we showed them how to love…

Love makes the world go round. I believe the world needs more people like Isac but most importantly, it needs people to love people like Isac.

I am grateful for the days I spend here because I will be able to love my friends and family at another level, really realize their value and make the best out of the little things I can share with them. India is actually loading me to love more when I’ll get home.

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