India day 1: My first cultural shock.

Wow… what a chaotic first day! India is a world of difference. If you want a cultural chock, go there. Everything is different from home starting from the people to the sunset. To experience India, you must not only be mentally prepared but also physically prepared. I’ve never been so hot in my entire life! I have to drink water every 10 minutes without exaggerating. Also, I’ve never seen so many people in a city. No wonder it’s the second most populated country in the world.

India makes me see the world differently. One world…yet, so many different cultures and ways of doing things. They think differently, act differently…everything is just so different.

Between negotiating taxi prices and visiting, my day was full. I had good company. All the other interns are so nice! We get along really well. We are one big happy family in the house.


Even if the day was great I can’t ignore the fact that India will require a few days to properly adapt. The first thing is that people stare at us in the streets. Not only because we look different but also because of our clothes. In India, it is considered inappropriate for women to show their shoulders. (yes weird I know). If our shoulders are out, people (especially old ladies) look at us like we are naked in the streets.



The second thing is that the food is really spicy. Even the non-spicy foods are spicy here. So for people with low tolerance for spices, it is really hard to find meals they actually enjoy.



This picture is the dish I had. It was really good! Really enjoyed it.

Another thing about India is that people are rude without even realizing it. They don’t say ‘Thank you’ or ‘Please” but it is just the way they were educated. So, for Americans or even Europeens, it might take some time to adjust.Plus they spit all the time. It is really normal for them to spit every 10 minutes. This is one of the hardest things for me because I can’t stand when people spit. Oh well…


Another thing is that life is REALLYYYY cheap! like really really. I just had a plate of chines noodles, water and a sprite at a restaurant for 70 Rupees (1.18$ US dollars) yes. Everything is extremely cheap. I won’t complain.


I thought that Haiti was not organized…until I arrived in India. Pure chaos. You really need patience to deal with it. But I am learning one day at a time…one day at a time

To summarize my first impression: India is not meant for everybody. Some people would just spend two days and book a ticket to go back home. It is my first cultural chock but I am hanging in there. I am so happy to be here. India puts me completely out of my comfort zone. I learn to be tolerant, to be even more open to differences. The night I arrived, they took me to the supermarket for breakfast shopping. I looked at all the different cheese packages and I asked for Kraft. As they looked at me like I was some kind of weirdo I told myself “Don’t be that girl’. I am learning to forget. In fact, in India you must forget everything you ever knew and learn all over again. That’ the ONLY way to survive. It’s a great experience. It is building me up for life, I know it.

I will start working tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. (Remember, they are not organized) so we will see…might be tomorrow, might be tuesday… For now, I am trying to adapt and planning some trips to other cities and also a trip to Thailand after the internship 🙂 We will finish sooner than i thought so it gives me one time for one trip after the internship.


India makes me modest…

Do we get so attached to the material that we miss the essential?… India makes me think.



A travel lover





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