Just enjoy the ride

Oh Barcelona, Barcelona! How I waited to see you again. Only this time I am at the airport trying to find another flight to India. Not exactly the way I planned on seeing you again. Oh well! In life you just gotta learn to embrace the detours right? Otherwise we might just be miserable. Nothing goes 100% as planned. How boring life would be huh… thinking about it, I am thankful for the unexpected.



Today (or yesterday. This time difference is confusing me) I was supposed to go from Canada to Barcelona, then Doha and finally Hyderabad. As you can imagine, my itinary completely changed…No panic. Breath in, breath out, don’t yell at the people. Just smile and refocus. We need to learn to set up our minds like a GPS. We should be ready to ‘recalculate’ when things go ‘wrong’.


Ow, soemting else went wrong…I booked the wrong return date. Lol. I will be leaving India earlier. You know what? I think everything happens for a reason. I was so excited about my after internship trips that I might have lost the focus I had on the kids I will help. Yes I was still excited about meeting and loving them but I was also looking forward to the end so I could travel. Hum…When God give us direction, I think it is important to remain focus. Some distractions can seem innocent but we can easily go the wrong way. With this ‘mistake’ I only have time for the volunteering and visit some cities in India. Fine by me! I believe all things work for the good of God’s children.


So, first things first…Refocus. I am currently at the gate for my flight to Berlin. My eyes are tired but I am so happy that I don’t feel it. I got the internet connection so I can update my friends and family on my little journey to India. They get updated at every single step by voice messages. My boyfriend is virtually with me on this one. We update each other every 5 minutes. “ok now I’m walking towards the gate” ‘Ok now I’m breathing” (just kidding on the breathing part).  These are the times when I’m grateful for technology. It allows your family to live your experience from a distance. I’ve been ‘trying’ to disconnect myself from social networks as much as possible because I think they take too much of our attention. Yes we need them to keep in touch with important things and for stuff we love (fashion, recipies ect) but most of the time we spend so much time paying attention to meaningless things on the internet. Anyways, the flight to Berlin was short. I slept and had all three seats to myself. That’s what I love about inter-european flights, they are rarely full.


Now I am in Berlin. I made a new friend. His name is Maylo. Thank God I asked about the wifi because I didn’t have the European adapter to charge my phone and laptop, he surely helped me out. Funny how a simple question can ‘save your life’. I think it’s really important to get out of our shells and reach out to people, especially if you are half way to the other side of the globe. We are sitting on the floor like two abandoned kids. The life of travel lovers.




However, throughout this journey, I do not feel abandoned at all! It is a great opportunity to spend time with myself. As I said in my post ‘Traveling solo dolo”, spending time with ourselves is necessary. The times you are alone in your room in the morning and at night are not enough. I truly believe going to the distance is one of the best ways to think, discover, analyze, read. Seeing different things and different people helps one strengthen their love for themselves. Ever notices how you get attached to someone after they’ve been your only companion for a while? Same thing goes for yourself.



Last year, I traveled alone but something about this time is different. Maybe it’s because I am traveling for a purpose and learning to trust God wherever He calls me.

As I am still waiting for the boarding of my flight to Abu Dhabi, I will share some things with you. What I’ve learn since yesterday (yes I’ve been traveling since yesterday):


1-    Nothing EVER goes exactly as planned. It is a myth. Stop planning everything, relax and enjoy the ride.


2-    If a connection is too tight, there is a 98% chance you will miss it


3-    Don’t get angry at agents even if they are slow and don’t seem to know what they are doing


4-    Have an adapter just in case


5-    Bring a toothbrush and some undies


6-    Don’t wear jeans! Loose pants are the best options. Be comfortable


7-    Bring a book (Currently reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan)


8-    Don’t be afraid to talk to strangers. You need to be careful at all times but don’t stay stuck in a shell. Make some temporary friends J


9-    Write down your special moments. You will be more than happy to read them later.


10-Laugh at the detours. Life is easier when you learn to cheer yourself up. I am tired but I honestly didn’t complain one time. I am enjoying every single moment. That’s what makes life so special. Enjoying the little things, being positive and find something good in every situation.


Am I tired? I am always waiting for the next flight so I can’t really tell. Jet lag is a mystery. I honestly have never experienced it but who knows… maybe I’ll feel it when I get there. Until then, I’m just enjoying the ride



A travel lover




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