I need to go…




Tonight, I spent a few minutes looking at my little apartment. Everything is on the floor, ready to be given away. In just a few days, I’ll be gone. This apartment will no longer be mine. I’m sitting alone in the dark, on the floor. The bed has been breaking for 3 years now. I’m used to it. Every single time, I had to fix it. Tonight, it broke again but i didn’t fix it…I just smiled.

How do you know when you don’t belong somewhere? You just know. Deep down in your soul, you know your time in that particular place is limited. As the days are approaching, I am convinced that here, is not the place I am supposed to live.

who am I? God gave me a passionate soul. i have passion for almost everything… Tonight, i opened the window to feel the breeze and blasted some Bethel music. I am still listening to it as a matter of fact…on the floor…in the dark. Tonight, my feet tickle, my hands are itching, my heart is boiling, i have fire in my stomach, i want wings, i want to fly over the city and visit all the places i love here. In a few days, it won’t be my city anymore. my heart will be in another place, in another continent.

Do you believe in callings? Here is not my place. I have a calling at the other side of the world, to do something. Some people are a little scared that I’m goings far but i want to go. I need to go. I am a traveler, not a tourist. I need to get lost to find myself. I need to be alone for a few hours in His presence so I can feel complete. I need to see..I need to laugh, to feel…maybe I feel too much, maybe I love too much, maybe i want to see to much. My toes are shaking again 🙂 I need to go.

Have you ever been alone but at peace? Alone but not alone…Some people will understand what I’m talking about right now. The travelers, the adventurer, the fearless. I know some people don’t get it sometimes but my inside is made that way. I don’t know why I want to go far. I don’t know why I’m so passionate. I don’t know why I’m not scared. I don’t know why I feel like I have invisible wings. It’s not something I can explain but I just want to spread love all over the world.

I want to go…I need to go. A page will be turned. I will leave some friends behind, yes I’ll cry but I WANT to go.

Sometimes I wonder…. what it is that the creator put in adventurous souls. There is just this little something. My  toes are still moving…man what is this? I don’t even know… But it feels good. I want to feel more.

I was on a roller coaster yesterday and I had this adrenaline rush. The feeling of free falling.. I want more of that. I want to jump into the unknown and trust that an army of angels will catch me.



I know they will. I want to take risks, I want to go an extra mile to love broken hearts. I want to write more, I want to capture more… I FEEL SO MUCH. I don’t know why. I just know that I am wonderfully made. I will trust my sculptor. He is still working on me.

For now, I am counting the days till I’ll be up in the clouds again. 3 days… and I’ll be on my way to India.

I am still in the dark, still listening to music, and still feeling the breeze coming from my window. In just a few days, it won’t be MY window anymore. Only a few things left to pack, a tattoo to get, a deposit to make, a passport to grab, a few tears, a few goodbyes…

Are you also counting the days till your next adventure? Are you an adventurous soul like me? Is your heart boiling like mine? do you feel like you can’t stay in one place? Like you need to leave a little piece of your heart everywhere you go? You are not alone 😉

P.s: Just in case you were wondering what I was listening to




A travel lover





One thought on “I need to go…

  1. Wow! I love this article. I sometimes get the same feelings of “I need to go” and of the peace when I am alone with my creator! Thank you so much for writing that down! It’s awesome … So much is familiar to my situation! Keep doing this blog! Best wishes for India !


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