How to plan a trip…Wisely




1) How to choose your destination

This might seem like an easy decision but it is important to pick your destination(s) wisely. first, you should ask yourself why you want to travel. Is it to have a relaxing time away or do you want a trip full of excitement and adventure. You can’t tell me you want to experience the wild life and decide to go to Bora Bora. You should consider somewhere in Africa for example. If you want peace and quiet, don’t tell me you want to go to a city full of noise and activities.

The best way to guarantee satisfaction is to get a travel book. At any bookstore, you can find them. I usually quickly go through the pages to see if it is the right season to go where i want to go. For example, Mexico might be a great destination in march, but not so much in january.



I also use the internet. I have two options:

1) Google. I use it to get directed to travel websites

2) Travel blogs. The more i read travel blogs, the more i love what i do. We bloggers, often think that we do it just for fun but it helps so many people around the world! It’s incredible.



2) How to plan the country hopping

Look at the world map! Be strategic. If you are planning a euro tour, don’t tell me you will do: Spain—>UK—>Germany. This wouldn’t be a strategic country hopping. what i do is look at the map and try to find the closest countries. This will help you save a lot of money. Learn to look at the world map and plan your trips according to the distances. This summer, i will be in India. After my humanitarian work, I will visit: Thailand—>Malaysia—> Jakarta or Bali. I tried to go from the top to the bottom following a line. This simple technic will please your pockets.




3) How to manage the budget

As a student, or young adult, it is easier to sacrifice a few things in order to travel. It is much easier to choose to eat pasta for a few days so we can save up some cash. When i went to study abroad, it was not difficult to travel. Not only because traveling is not really expensive in Europe (My france to Italy airplane ticket cost me 42 euros) but because the school gave us so money before we went away. My parents let me keep that money for my personal travel because the fees they had to support while i was in Europe were basically the same as the ones for Montreal. So I went to europe with $3000. The most expensive ticket was the one for Dubai ($500). i paid about $250 for UK, about 200 euros for Copenhagen. My other trips were really cheap. Paris to Venice $42 euros. Venice to Amsterdam 32 euros. Spain to Morocco $115 (If my memory is good). So it was pretty easy to manage that budget. I got money to eat every month so i just chose to eat more pizza and less healthy food prior to my travels so i could use the money for activities and restaurants.

It’s just a question of sacrifice.

But what do you do when your school doesn’t give you money prior to your departure? Save up before you leave. Make a plan. You don’t need to have all the money right away ( I never do) as long as you have a plan. My trip to Mexico is a good example. I could pay about 1/3 prior to my departure but i knew how i would finish paying my credit card after. And yes before i leave for India in two weeks everything will be down to zero.

A few ideas:

-Sell some stuff you don’t need. You know you never use these things and there are many websites nowadays to help you find people who really need them. (cables, damaged furniture, )

-Find a part time job. Some part time jobs were really tiring but one of them was great. I got to save up some money to enjoy my summer back in 2012. So find a good part time job and stay away from shops you love while you save up. It’s easy to go crazy when the money is on our hands. Open a saving account and put the money there

What else could help?

Make sure you really have the desire to go. It is so easy to get discouraged. The more motivated you are, the easier it will be to save up. Don’t pair up with lazy people. Choose your travel partner wisely. Motivate one another, save up and Go.




4) How to plan your activities

Check your personality! One advice: don’t trust the tour guides with their prices. The activities you want to do probably cost half the price if you buy your tickets on the internet. Neve be afraid to tell them that you saw the same activity for half the price on a website even if it’s not true. They will quickly propose a reasonable price. You will see. Read blogs about activities in the country you are going. Google “What to do in….”

This should be enough to find good activities




5) How to really to book the trip

I usually use

I really like British airways and Transavia. If there is something i can suggest, it is to book your trips late at night. It will be easier to play with the price.

But the real question here is how to REALLY do it. Just do it. Don’t think too much. As I said before, it is easy to get discouraged if you have the wrong travel partners. People who lack motivation to go will suck your energy. Stay around positive people who are excited about the adventure. Don’t wait too much. The more you wait, the more you will find reasons to stay. (Hm i have this and that to pay). Come on. just book the trip. While you are young, it is easier. No kids to send to school. Just book it. life is so beautiful at the other side. Go discover. Go get richer.


Hope this will help a little when you book your trips. Don’t hesitate to post your questions in the comment section if you have any.


A travel lover




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