Why You should find your passion

“It is so cool that some people can sing so well, or can draw so well” This is what most people say. Funny thing is, while they are looking at others and wishing they could do the same things, they don’t know that there is something in them, a talent that is waiting to explode.





I’ve learned that everybody has a gift. Some gifts are louder than others but every gift is special. It takes a special person to point it out or some time alone to discover what is hiding under the water. When i was little, i took piano lessons. Man it was a pain! I never really practiced and my mom had to force me to go to my lessons. Long story short, i didn’t like playing piano. My eyes got all shiny when someone else was playing but that was about it. It wasn’t for me. Then one day, my piano teacher told my mom that i should act. She saw something in me. Listen, it is not because you quit something that it is a setback. Sometimes, we need to stop, reposition ourselves in order to keep moving. turns out, acting was made for me! I was so good at it! In fact, it is one of my biggest passions.

Sometimes, it is something that you liked doing when you were really young. Growing up, society will most of the time crush some dreams because “you can’t make a living out of it” or because “it is not really professional”. I always had a little passion for writing. I used to write these little stories in class but for some reason i stopped. At some point I even said i wanted to be a writer. But you know… people said it didn’t pay well. Now my passion for writing came back harder than ever! I am now working on my first book.

why is that? why are people so focused on money? Of course you need to have money to get a nice house, pay yourself a vacation once in a while, buy new shoes just for fun BUT…but but.. money should not be the reason you choose a career. Passion keeps a career alive. I love passionate people. Have you eve noticed the light in people’s eyes when they talk about something they love? My dad is a doctor but he is obsessed with plants. every time he talks about gardens he gets so loud lol. It’s because He has passion for it. What do you love?

Whenever my boyfriend talks about music, guitars, singers, sound systems, he gets excited. It’s because he is passionate about it. whenever my best friend talks about fashion or TV stars she gets passionate. She should be a journalist. She loves talking about things happening in the fashion world.

Today I am inviting you to sit down and think. Are you  doing what you really love? Are you happy to wake up and do what you do? Think about it. Society always makes you feel trapped. “You already started so you should force yourself even if you don’t like it” “Well, it pays well” NO! why are people wasting their time like this. If you like to sing, sing but be serious about it. Start by making people know you, show passion. If you love sports, play sports but practice seriously. Be the best you can be.

PASSION…When you are passionate about something, you will do it well. Stop competing in a field that was never meant for you. If you were never born to sing, don’t go and try to compete with Celine Dion…It is not your purpose. Find your gift and WORK IT! You will see how easy things will go. Of course you will have obstacles but you will have the energy to fight because you will fight for what you love.

So again I am asking: What is your passion?



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