A magical moment

Today I went to church just like any other sunday. I experienced something different today…I felt the need to write it down. Because it was so beautiful. I don’t need many words to explain it, it’s something that goes beyond what words can say.

Praise…do you give praise? That moment when you let yourself go…Your hands are lifted, your head is back, you cry most of the time, you feel His presence, you feel the heat, the holy Spirit is holding you. That moment, when you shut down the world…It’s just you and your Father. It is so intense that you feel like you can touch Him. This moment is usually so personal that you close your eyes and focus on Him.

Today, i experienced something different. In the middle of the praise, I opened my eyes and looked around me. And wow….At that moment I realized the power of having children of God in the same room. All these hands lifted, eyes closed… Some people were dancing by themselves,some were crying of joy, an old man was shaking his tambourine, a lady was waving like God was in front of her. All of them had their eyes closed, but without even knowing it, they were one. I smiled at the majesty of this moment, closed my eyes and let a few tears roll on my face.

Thank you Lord for your children,



A travel lover


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