10 reasons you should study abroad

Studying abroad has been one of the best experiences of my life. I got to travel a lot, developed my adventurous side and  got to meet so many people. If you are in college, i highly suggest that you check the requirements to go spend a semester abroad. I guarantee it will be totally worth it.

Here are 10 reasons you should go

1) School won’t stop you from traveling




In fact, traveling is so much easier while studying abroad because most of the time, your grades don’t affect your GPA. You just need to pass the courses abroad which makes it way easier to travel and send papers last minute. (Don’t let your parents see this :p )

2) You will have more chances to find cheap deals.


Since you will be surrounded by a lot of young travellers. They will surely be able to give you some advices.


3) You will meet people from all around the world


photo 1-4

One of my best memories is the time I spent with my international friends. It is crazy how you will love people who were once strangers. You will develop some friendships that distance can’t break.

4) You will get to travel impulsively!


photo 2-4


Sometimes you will just decide that you want to go somewhere. You will just pick up a map and choose a destination.

5) You will learn that getting lost is the best way to discover



Drop the map and get lost. You will discover so many little restaurants!


6) You will learn words from different languages


7) You will discover that the world is worth being discovered


Not everybody realize the importance of going to different places, learn something new about the different cultures. Remember that the world is a book. Don’t stay stuck on one page


8) You will get to see famous monuments

photo 3-3


photo 4-3

photo 1-5They will not only be monuments you saw on pictures.


9) You will make crazy experiences


photo 5-2That was us after the sauna in Finland

DSC_0688 DSC_0771

In a desert in Dubai

10) You will create memories all around the world




And who knows, you might start a travel blog :p HAHA



A travel lover




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