I want to…

photo 4-2 Have you ever heard of the ‘Before I Die’ wall in New Orleans? So cool right? This made me think…what do I really want to do before I die? And I realized I had the answer. This made me happy because many people my age don’t seem to know what they want, what they love. If you don’t know yet, I think it is important that you take some time to discover it! What is your passion, what gets you excited just by thinking about it? Do you know? Before I die…. I want to… Spread love all around the world. Seems a little extreme? Believe it or not it is SO simple. I want to discover more and more the meaning of life through places and people I do not know. I want more strangers to become family. I want to go to countries I don’t know and leave a footprint, change somebody’s life, make them know about love, about God. So many people are miserable simply because they don’t know they are loved! Can you imagine? They just don’t know that they are. They don’t know they can become something amazing. They don’t know that, somewhere, in the book of life, it is written that they are destined for greatness. I want to… Find beauty in the most unexpected things. Witness more miracles. It is sad if you don’t believe in them. (I am currently waiting  on 3 miracles). To realize everyday that life isn’t about the material. Yes the material will keep your flesh alive but I believe the food for the spirit isn’t found in the visible. It’s a mother feeding her child, It’s a waterfall in a middle of a forest, It’s a conversation between two kids, it’s two lovers smiling with complicity, it’s the feeling you get when you give a sincere hug, it’s that person God puts on your path for a reason. It’s so many things you cannot touch. I want to experience more of all these things that give me LIFE. And I truly believe you need to go to a few places to discover them photo 2-3 I want to… Leave footprints on the world map. I want to travel, not only to take a vacation, but to create something. I want to make a career out of spreading love. Not a lot of people will understand this, but a few will. Live a life that will contribute to rebuild the broken, bring joy the the miserable, and bring a future to those who were lost. Do you know what mark you will leave when your flesh will die? photo 3-2 I want to… Go to Asia, Africa… see weird animals. Capture random moments, smiles, tears of joy, food, wealth and poverty, blue water, green water. Adventure is everywhere, go find it, get excited. We were not meant to go through life bored, not loving what we do, not loving people around us, always wishing we could escape our reality. NO. Love the life you live, Live the life you love. I know it is not in everybody’s mentality but I really believe if you hate your job, you should quit. Yes even if you don’t have another plan yet. If it makes you miserable to wake up every day.. stop it. And actively look for what gets you excited. Hopefully you won’t have to do it because you will already do something you love. Think and pray before accepting a job. Seriously, it can change the course of your life. Ask Him for guidance with your choices, ask Him to clearly show you where you will succeed, where your talents and personality will EXPLODE. Where you will be celebrated, not tolerated… Ask Him. I want to… Develop my wanderer soul. photo 1-3 Explore. Get lost. Discover. Get lost on purpose. Be curious. Love deeply. Cherish.  xoxo A travel lover


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