La dolce vita



And we are back!

A few days spent in Mexico to get away from the cold Montréal was what we needed. The journey was not too short, not too long, just a perfect timing.

We came back with souvenirs, memories, and of course, a few shades darker. No need to say i will tell you everything about my trip. You know i have to share everything with you.

So, let’s start from the very beginning.

As my favourite song of the moments says :

‘cuz you only need the light when it’s burning low

only miss the sun when it starts to snow

only hate the road when you’re missing home

only know your lover when you let her go’

Yes pretty deep and so true. Why do we wait to realize the importance of things and people?

So when i left for Mexico, i really had in mind that i would just enjoy every little thing, from the special to the not so special moments.


Day 1!

6AM and it was already time to wake up. We were all excited about leaving the cold (who wouldn’t be?). A quick breakfast, packing the last details and we were ready to go.

photo 1-2

The flight lasted about 4 hours. We flew with Sunwing for the first time and we were quite satisfied with the service. The staff was nice and we had nothing to complain about. Overall it was nice flying with them. Only thing is that they should tell their clients in advance that they already arranged the ride to the hotel. We almost lost 32$ by ignorance!

We were so lucky. When we arrived to the airport, many tourist information desks were calling us asking where we were going, proposing to arrange rides to our hotel. Little tip: Never trust tourist information desks. You will lose money. Thank God, we decided to  take our time and go outside first and see if we could find better deals. Of course the lady insisted ‘You won’t find anything better’ yea right. Again, i repeat, never trust tourist information desks guys.

So we went outside and WOUH it was hot! just how i like it. More than 20 men were standing there asking tourists if they needed a ride. We finally decided to take a shuttle. Then, this guy with a Sunwing shirt asked where i was going. I just needed to get to the hotel and i had already been harassed enough so i just ignored him. He kept insisting with a weird accent i couldn’t understand so i decided to listen to him to get it over with. And guess what? Everything was already arranged by the hotel, we were this short to give money away for nothing. SMH.

So we where finally on our way to the hotel! Hello Mexico! We just stared at the streets, capturing the moment with our eyes. Cancun is crazy! there are more than 20 hotels on the same street. Crazy part is, there is absolutely no competition, all of them are basically full. So many tourists!

We went from the cold weather to this. Can’t complain

photo 2-2

The first day we just stayed at the hotel, planning our tours for the next days, eating, talking, relaxing on the beach, taking pictures, kind of blending in the Cancun mood first!

Second day!

Tulum! we booked an excursion to Tulum. Again, people DO NOT under any circumstances accept a price from a Mexican without negotiating!  Even if it’s at the hotel. Thank God we come from Haiti, we did a great job at fighting back with prices lol.

After 2 hours we were in Tulum. The first thing you will see are the little souvenirs and clothes stores and animals (you need to pay to get a picture with them of course).



This is a baby lion.


(my friend Tricia)

DSC_0022Little souvenir bottles. I think they are so cute


Mexican clothing store.

Then, we took a little train to the ruins area.  After walking for about 10 minutes (or maybe more) we were there. Our guide was so passionate about the stories. He went on and on about the Mayas, their knowledge, their culture…

DSC_0052Some of the stories were so disturbing. He talked about how Mayas used to press the babies’ heads to give it a longer shape. Sometimes, the pressure was too much for the baby. the head cracked and he died…


He also talked about how Mayas used to put jewellery in their teeth! Can you imagine the pain? Aoutch…


Here are some pictures of the ruins





After the little history recap, we finally went on the beach.


The beach was really nice. Light blue with white sand but there is nothing else to do there. So after half an hour of swimming and tanning, you’re done.

After buying some souvenirs and food,


we got back to the hotel, enjoyed the unlimited food at diner like we did every day 🙂

Day 3!

Las islas mujeres! Our favorite trip! I really really liked the trip to Las islas mujeres. We took a catamaran from Cancun and the trip and activities lasted the whole day.


We got unlimited drinks on the boat, music, the staff was great! They animated the whole time, made us laugh and made sure we had a good time.


My friend Trish enjoying herself.

Then, we stopped in the middle of the ocean for snorkelling.


My friend Trish ready for snorkelling.

It was our first time trying the snorkelling so it was pretty exciting. When I first jumped in the ocean and looked down i got a little scared! So deep, but I got used to it really fast. If you don’t take risks, you’ll always think it’s too scary. the thing is, every obstacle seems smaller once you’ve face them.

Snorkelling would’ve been better if we saw more colourful fishes. We saw a big group of blue and yellow fishes for 2 minutes then they were gone and only the tray little fishes stayed (boring fishes). But overall it was a great experience.

We went back on the boat to get to Las islas mujeres


But before we did this!



We were pretty lucky because we only get to do it when the wind conditions are right (not too dead, not too strong).


We were finally there.





In las islas mujeres, you will find various activities: rent a gold cart for 25$ to drive around, shop, eat… But remember, my friend and I know how to make deals. Instead of renting the little cars, we proposed that for 6$ owner of the information desk drove us around. Be careful with this! Be alert, don’t trust everybody okay? yes we are crazy.

After shopping and walking around,




Eating some street food,



Taking pictures



We went on a ride!


This is the car (with no rooftop) I honestly thought it was super cool.


La dolce vita. Believe it or not, this was my favourite part of the whole trip to Mexico. Call me weird, I enjoy the simple things. Just riding around in this weird ugly car, wind in my hair, hands in the air was pure bliss to me.



our amateur guide haha (hey, 6$ okay).


We visited some famous statues of mexican ‘gods’.


I don’t know why they love iguanas so much



Some randoms pictures i took








Back on the boat again! They took us to another part of the island to eat.



We ate (the food was not so good there, really cheap quality), relaxed,


And our little tour was over. The boat took us back to Cancun


Staff member.

And you know the rest, back to the hotel, eat, relax…

Day 4!

On the last day we just woke up really early to buy some gifts. We didn’t went on a tour or anything, we just walked. Little warning; Mexicans are really inappropriate in general. If you go visit little stores in the streets don’t be chocked if they make weird comments or try to touch you while ‘showing you the bracelets’. If you are like me, don’t hesitate to ask them to get their hands off, they will obey. If it doesn’t bother you well… i don’t know.

Here are some pictures I took on the last day.

DSC_0368 DSC_0369 DSC_0373 DSC_0382

So this pretty much summarizes our little trip to Cancun! Hope you guys will also enjoy if you ever go there and also I hope I gave you some ideas! 🙂


A travel lover.


































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