Hello Mexico!

mexican hat

The countdown has officially started!

3 days until Mexico. On my birthday, two months ago, i decided to pay myself a trip (i didn’t ask my parents anything for it) it is 100% sponsored by me haha i feel so cool. I think it is important for us, young adults to make decisions like this sometimes. I know it is impossible for now to pay everything, but we should try to pay some stuff, you know, on the side. Still working on it even if i need help most of the time. I know my parents are MORE than happy to pay things for me but it won’t always be like that so i have to start taking some distance lol. 

So Cancun is the destination. We were supposed to be 5… but we will be 2. One of my really good friends Tricia will be my travel buddy this time. I feel like these last months i got closer to all of my good friends! A lot of things are happening in my life and i feel like this period really shows me who is here to stay 🙂 so i think it is really important to do stuff together. I’ve always been that kind of person, the one who is celebrating the random things (yay you got a new dog let’s go eat out to celebrate lol) I’m exaggerating here but you get the picture. I love laughing, many people say that my future husband and I will always have people over to laugh and have a good time, i know that’s true.

So anyways, before i get out of the subject, i decided to go on a trip. I am so excited to go with Tricia, even if i will miss my travel buddy Lynn-Cha. I feel like we will bond even more! We are so excited to leave the snow and get some sun for a few days. As I am preparing my trip, i decided to share some tips with you to get ready for Mexico. My friend Teddy was over there this week and sent me some feedback:

photo (1)

photo (3)

photo (2)So now I am SUPER excited. Here are some essentials


Sun Screen (You don’t want to turn out orange, or blue if you are black like me)


Beach sandals 🙂


Sunglasses (protect your eyes from too much sun)

And most importantly… Your smile and desire to have a good time.

for those planning on going to Cancun, don’t hesitate to ask question and if you are going somewhere hot soon, Have a great trip!


A travel lover

Coming soon:

I am currently working on a new post called ‘No more bad b*****’ It will be more like a talk with young ladies of our generation who think being called a bad b**** is a good thing. Should be interesting!



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