The fear of the unknown

IMG_2114 (Picture taken before my flight to Paris)

A girl told me that she was afraid of going to Australia to study abroad because it is so far away. As I was about to tell her that she had nothing to fear and that she should jump in the plane and go, when i remembered…I had a mini panic attack before going to Europe to study abroad. It is so easy to lecture others AFTER the experience right, but what about how we felt when WE had to do it. So I adopted a different approach, I wrote her a message to reassure her. The unknown is a scary destination. “what is waiting for me over there? Will people like me? What if I lose my wallet, what if I get lost, what if…what if…..” It never stops. STOP, breathe it’s OK. All the months before Finland I was really excited and i just wanted to start the adventure. But the night before, I didn’t sleep so well, I was anxious, I was dreaming about going away and I woke up with heavy breathing and palpitations! WOW yes me, it even surprised me. I am the brave one, I don’t get scared… But yeah I realized, I’m human. I get scared, I get anxious, I need someone to hug me and tell me it will be alright, and so do you. I decided I would be the one to reassure that girl. And hey, don’t forget the big man up there asks us to pay attention to others, don’t wait if you can help someone today, or hope someone else will, do it now, a simple smile, a simple hug, a simple ‘you are good enough’ can be a boost for them. share your light. I am going to tell you what i told her, and I hope it will help you if ever you were scared of taking a leap of faith. You are good enough, people will love you because you are awesome, nothing can substitute experience, life is about taking risks, it is about going THROUGH it, not over it or stay on the same level. How can you develop yourself if you constantly repeat the same things. Of course you will get perfect at it because YOU KEEP DOING THE SAME THING! SAME PEOPLE, SAME EXPERIENCE. Get out of your comfort zone girl! (boy!) I know it is scary, i know you feel like backing up but DON’T, please don’t.  If right now you don’t know if you are good enough for a job, good enough to ask that girl out, good enough for that college program, good enough to start a business or whatever, I choose to be your sign today


GO. If nobody is backing you up, I am. Even if you don’t know me, I am. I will pray tonight about all the people giving up on their dreams because they feel they are not good enough. Traveling is scary sometimes, i know, but soon you will realize that if you stopped you would’ve missed soooo much. This summer i will go far away for 2 months, yes if I think bout it too much I get scared, but I know this is what I have to do and I will do it. Shut down the negativity, book the ticket, pack your bags, GO.


A travel lover


One thought on “The fear of the unknown

  1. It is funny how I myself feel the same way too sometimes, not only when I have to travel but also whenever I have to undertake something new; however, I always believe that taking risks, walking towards the unknown is a way to broaden our horizons and get to know ourselves in many different aspects. As you said, we need to step out of our comfort zone, meaning sometimes we have to challenge ourselves because as human beings, it is easy to get stuck in a rut. We like the familiar and tend toward routine and habit. The best think is to try overcoming our fear and step out into the UNKNOWN. Exciting huh?!? 😊


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