Letter to my soulmate



  I am sitting on the plane listening to ‘Adore you’. My heart is beating faster because I’m thinking about you. And I’m so excited about tomorrow. I’ve been thinking… about us. Brings tears to my eyes how we grew together. Looking back, I would never imagine that (song just switched to A thousand years lol Itunes wants to make me cry). I would never imagine that we would get so close to each other. Yes I loved you and I thought you were a really great guy but now.. I see something different in you. I don’t see you as a boyfriend and potential husband. You help me get better, you don’t hinder me, even when you don’t understand some things I always know that if I’m patient enough you will come around with a new perspective. You love me with all your heart, it’s not just something you say, It’s something you make me feel with every part of me, I feel your love. The way you talk to me, the way you look at me, the way you try to be your best for me.. Don’t ever think that all your efforts go unnoticed, sometimes I just don’t say anything because I let you develop yourself more and more but I’m watching you and I’m proud of you.. so so proud of you baby. I’m probably really shy now that you are reading this next to me. Thank you for loving me. There is absolutely no reason for the way you cherish me but I am grateful. I am grateful for you, grateful for love, grateful for feelings, emotions, I am grateful for the way you make me feel. I guess the butterflies in the stomach do exist. They’re having a party in my tummy right now. Gosh I LOVE YOU. You make me forget all the bad moments of the past. I finally understand the concept of having someone who helps you grow without you having to depend on them. You respect everything that I am. Yes sometimes you have to be patient with me (just like I need patience with you MANY manyyy times :p ) but the thing is.. you ALWAYS come around, even if you are super mad at me, you come to my house without telling me you are coming and sit there until we smile.. like it’s where you are supposed to be. I appreciate that. I appreciate everything.  After 2 ½ years I see you becoming more and more the man that the woman I am becoming deserves. I’ve reached a point in my life where I won’t settle for mediocrity, with normal, average, I want the kind of love God talks about. “Husband, lead your wife. Love her like Jesus loved the church and always sacrificed himself for her. Talk about as being the most beautiful, clean…” yes why wouldn’t someone want that? 😉 And wife, submit to him. People don’t always understand the proper meaning of submission. If I have a husband that can properly lead me why would I be afraid to let him?

Baby just know that I love you with all my heart, all my soul. I can’t wait to be all yours . I can’t wait to see how much our relationship will grow. Can’t wait to see what God has in store for US. I know great things are waiting for us. We are a power couple in the making. Know that I will always have your back and support you no matter what. I will be your personal cheerleader through thick and thin. Thank you for loving me like you do.

Je t’aime

Enjoying the road with you…



5 thoughts on “Letter to my soulmate

  1. This is absolutely beautiful!! Would melt the coldest heart within seconds. I can feel the love through your words. Keep at it ❤


  2. I kept smilling until I finished reading the entire post. I like that those are not just words thrown on a piece of paper (I mean, on a blog lol) but they actually depict your relationship’s framework. Keep on spreading the LOVE Ann-So 😊❤️


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