For the love of pasta


Hello my loves,

For those who noticed, yes i am late. Sorry for the wait, i’ve been a little busy this week between preparing my last midterm before i pack for Haïti (YAY), doing things with one of my best friends who came to Montreal for two weeks and of course getting busy about stuffs i’ve been called to do. I hope the midterms are treating you well, hang in there.

I am currently at the library, taking a little break from all these numbers. today’s post will be about PASTA. let’s be honest, food is awesome. Of course it is necessary to watch what you take in and balance your life to stay healthy! But food is still amazing. I love to eat, i love to try new dishes, food adds a little sparkle to my joy haha. i have a weakness for pasta. YES! it is so good. Pizza, spaghetti, linguini , fettuccine…. and the list continues.

While i was studying abroad, i got the chance to discover nice pasta places from UK to Italy. They were ALL super good. I noticed that the best food will try will not be in the big crowded restaurants, but in the little places you only noticed because you were lost. That’s where the magic happens! Just like anything in life, it’s in the random places: a little beach that nobody knows, a little spot… you have to look close in order to find diamonds.

This are the pizzas my friend an I ate in London at a cozy little restaurant. I remember that day like it was yesterday. we were coming back from the tattoo place, where i got my 1st tattoo. ( i love it 😀 lol) 




All of them were really good, and so spicy. I forgot the name of the place. I will ask my friend and let you know on my Instagram page for those who plan on going to London.

The pictures below were taken in Paris At Pizza Pino. The place is quite popular so it was less peaceful and cozy than the one in London but we still enjoyed it! Yum i could get a piece of that right now.


DSC_0044 (1)


OK guys so i’m reallyyyy excited about this one. This is the best spaghetti i ever had! It was in Russia (St. Petersburg) We were walking around, exploring, then we got hungry and we just couldn’t decide on where to go. All we saw was ‘sushi sushi sushi’ EVERYWHERE. Then, we saw this tiny sign and we realized it was a restaurant so we decided to give it a try. It was a spanish restaurant. ANd this is what i got. Sea food pasta. It was…. i can’t even find the word. Everything was in there. It’s was like a mini ocean lol. I,m trying my best to make you understand here. AN explosion of sea food in my mouth. OMG. Can i go back just for the pasta? 😀

DSC_0204 (2)Last but not least, pasta in Italy! wow i never ate sooo much. Italy is the paradise of wine, pasta and sea food. My friend Djeena and i ate ate ate lol. it was GREAT! i should plan a trip to visit Florence, Milan, Portofino, Cinque Terre and Sicili wouh… i don’t know when tho. I have plans before that.  By the way i found my summer internship 🙂 i will tell you guys where it is another day :p let’s keep the surprise alive :p It’s a relationship between you and me, i have to keep some mystery alive. lol

So… Italia



Yes! this is what i’m talking about. We took a boat to one of the islands in Venice and ended up here. Everything is on water! (i will talk about Venice another time. i loved it) 


We got two pizzas and a plate of pasta each (don’t judge us)

A picture of the sea food (below)


I hope i didn’t make you hungry (oops). On that note, i will let you guys go back to your studies. Just one last thing, pasta is always great with some wine.



A travel lover


6 thoughts on “For the love of pasta

  1. Omg I’m going to Pizza Pinot tonight lool so excited to try their pizza. And you make me want to go to Russia just to eat the pasta it seems so good!! Keep up the good work your blog is amazing <3.


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