Happiness comes in salty water

Hey guys!

Midterms are starting huh? Yes i know how it can be…tension, stress, pressure. Like i said in my previous post,


there is absolutely no need to worry in life. Some people will come to you saying “OMG you didn’t start studying for the exam yet?? good luck with that..” And it goes on and on and on, bla bla bla. Guess what? Everything will turn out just fine. just start tomorrow for good ok? 🙂 And try to make a study plan and stick to it every day. I know sometimes it will be difficult to finish everything on the list, just remember to rest when you feel too tired and attack the next day.

In order to escape our minds from all the pressure i decided to share something special with you. My favourite place in the world….THE BEACH.

As i started my countdown to go to Haïti (2 weeks YAY) i can’t stop thinking about it. My love for the beach is out of this world. It is one of the things I am the most grateful for. God sure knew what He was doing when He created the ocean. My dad always says that my sister and I are half human, half fish lol. I think he is right. We just LOVE the water. I always say that when i get married, we NEED to have a beach house. This is NON NEGOCIABLE.

There is just something magical about the beach that gives me peace, that makes me happy. I will never get tired of the beach, never. It is beautiful at any time of the day. In the morning, afternoon, and evening when you can see the sun slowly hiding behind the dark blue water. Just close your eyes a little an imagine this. Perfect isn’t it?

The beauty of the beach starts with the simplest things. I will share some pictures of the beautiful beaches in my country. Yes i am a caribbean girl to the core.


This is a sunset in Port-Salut (South of Haïti). I took this picture in july 2012. my family loves to plan little trips during the summer. I think that’s one of the things that makes us so close, besides our unconditional love for each other. Yup i love them so so much. The great thing about nature is that it gives us answers. Try staring at the sunset if ever you feel sad or lonely for no reason. (it happens sometimes). There are so many reasons to smile. Start by taking the time to enjoy this beautiful nature that He created.

The beach is such a beautiful place. Even the little rocks are a masterpiece. Each one of them has a colour, a shape and they all blend in a beautiful mixture. Do you ever wonder how all these things are made?

DSC_0844Einstein said that, the more he studied the universe, the more he believed in a higher power. Of course there is something bigger than us! We are so blinded by our own intelligence, thinking that we can accomplish everything on our own, by our own strength, that we forget our purpose… One scripture says that, men by thinking that they know it all from their own intelligence became ignorant. Yes, sad but true. Let me not start with that. Maybe i will write a post about this one day but let’s stick to the beach.


So, as i was saying, the beach seems to be the perfect place to laugh, find peace, have a great time. At least for me. Even the sound of the waves gets stuck in your head. Have you ever noticed that after spending at least 1 night at the beach, you can hear the waves at night when you’re back in your bed? stuck in your memory for a while like a CD.

My country has beautiful beaches. I never get tired of exploring and discovering different beaches over there. One of the most beautiful scenes i got to see was at Aquin. Too bad i don’t have any pictures. I just have a memory. It was so beautiful! This clear blue water on our way to Port-Saslut! Just wonderful.

I also really love île-à-vaches

It is just so calm and peaceful. This picture (below) was also taken in july 2012.


This one was taken in Cap-haitien, summer 2013, at Cormier


Woo! I had a blast there. just swimming and looking at the view. This is my definition of paradise. even if you don’t like the beach you can’t tell me this isn’t beautiful. I didn’t even want to leave the water. OMG this is getting me excited. I need the beach asap. I still remember listening to ‘the A team’ on my way to the beach. wow this is happiness. the sound of the guitar in the background, my mom singing some weird lyrics like she knows the song, my sister singing with me, my dad driving with the largest smile on his face… Yes. life is beautiful. cherish these moments. when your parents will be gone (don’t think about it if they are still here), ( smile if they’re gone because the moments you shared with them will remain forever) these will be the memories you will cherish. It’s better if those memories are at the beach :p


DSC_0348The beach never fails to make me smile.

If you are lucky enough to live somewhere with beaches, go every once in a while, to think, to have some quality time with your loved ones, or to just spend time with yourself. It’s worth it.


A travel lover



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