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 The fact that i love to travel is no secret. However, the more i talk about it, the more i realize how much place it has in my heart. I wanted to share that with you. My blog is like a public diary. I write about things i care about, things i want to talk about, things that are better expressed when they are written. So here i was, laying on my bed, thinking about some plans, and i decided to come here to get rid of all this passion i felt in my heart. For me, traveling is more than escaping because i ‘need a vacation’. I totally understand the feeling of wanting to relax and get away from work or school but it is more than that. Let me explain myself. I am PASSIONATE about life. Passionate is a word that means a lot to me so i only employ it when i mean it. Trust me when i say i am PASSIONATE about life. The days we have here on earth are so precious that every time something is trying to bring me down, i think about something positive that reminds me that there are so many things to smile about. I love to smile, and more importantly, i love to make others smile. It makes me happier than smiling myself, it gives me these warm feeling inside. I’m not trying to be all poetic or anything for the blog, this is coming right out

of my heart, or soul… wherever it’s coming from, it’s true. The kind of things that make my day : A bus driver smiling, a little kid laughing, a dad kissing his child, a plane in the sky, people crying of joy while praying, a couple holding hands, someone lifting hands while giving thanks to God… wow I’m already happy just by thinking about it. Aren’t you?

Traveling is… a way for my soul to explore. You know what amazes me? It’s that you can go wherever you want, people can look so different, dress so differently, eat so differently, talk so differently, but when you have a conversation with them… you realize wow, they are human just like me. It might sound a little extreme but what i’m saying is that we are all part of the same family at the end of the day. We have feelings, some things make us smile, just like some things make us cry, we are breathing the same air. All these little things that seem so normal but when we take the time to think about it, it blows our mind away

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The world is wonderful. Just wonderful. I don’t understand people who say they hate people. How can you hate people? There is so much love in my heart that i feel like hugging strangers, giving my sandwich to a crazy man in the streets, smiling at a girl crying on the bus, tell a random woman she’s beautiful. Love never fails 1 Corinthians 13:7-8


I honestly enjoy talking to international students more because i feel that they are so curious, ready to learn, to taste new food, to learn new cultures, to look at pictures of my country. Open your mind people and smile. There are so many things to be grateful for. You have eyes, open them to see, to discover. You have a mouth, use it to bring positivity in people’s life, to try their food. You have hands, use them to give, to braid someone’s hair i don’t know, use them! To lift them to God, to make gestures when you talk ( i do that a lot). 

Most importantly, smile.


You won’t even imagine how a stranger might need it. And you know what? You can transform a bad day into a good day by smiling. Sometimes, something upsets me and i look mad, i feel bad..then i realize, why would i cultivate something that only makes me ugly? And i smile, because my father told me to never worry.


YES! He said it 🙂 Can you smile right now please? Come on DO IT! ..Thanks if you did.

One more thing…CAPTURE. Imagine if we couldn’t capture the moment! Take tons and tons of pictures. Sometimes my friend wonder why i take pictures of the most random moments, but 1 year from now, when you’ll look at the picture you will be so happy! I got that from my mom, even though she hates when i take pictures of her, she loves to have pictures of us.

Remember that, when you travel you can learn from anybody, stay open. you can also share what you know with your new brothers and sisters of heart. I want to travel the world. I want to go to little village, and create an impact, i want to give, i want to share. I want my children to be proud of me. I want my husband to have a woman who can hold his hand when he is down and say : shake it off, let’s do this. Yup that’s the woman God created me to be. And most importantly, i want God to look at me and say ‘well done Sophie’.  Go somewhere! Plan a trip, go on a vacation or on a mission, i don’t know’ go somewhere, save up, go, something is waiting for you there, you will never come back the same, you will be so much richer.

I hope you will write to me about your trip soon.

Remember to smile before you go to bed tonight and when you wake up tomorrow


A travel lover


9 thoughts on “Live.Travel.Love.Capture

  1. I love it Anne-So mostly because your writting style brings the reader closer to you and he/she can feel your emotions. I find myself in your lines because I myself want to travel the world. I’ve been to a couple of places but it is nothing compare to where I want to go. You should see my diary… (Nope I am not too old to have a diary lol) It has pictures of all the countries i want to visit (I’ll send you a picture) I do that to visualize, create and materialize my thoughts 🙂 Also my intense desire to travel prompted me to study International Relations. I just believe that travel opens our horizons and allows us to see things from a different perspective. You learn to open your heart and understand things with a more virtuous mindset. You realize that there is more out there that we need to discover in order to grow as better individuals. I think you are doing a great job and I am looking forward to reading more interesting stories fom your blog. Keep up the good work. Xo!


  2. Woaww Anne-So, i just love what u do, i love the passion and the positivity that you have for what your doing! I love traveling and id love to go around the world, Dubai, europe, everywhere…. I had goose bumps by reading ur blog! Its CRAZY!!! I can feel the passion in each one of ur words.
    Ur a bright young girl and ur in the good path of living ur dream no matter what!
    Keep up the good work, spreading love and positivity around you, ur doing a great job!!!



    1. Wow :)) merci Alexandra, i am happy that you like the post. I basically write what comes from the inside and hope to touch some people, to inspire them and make them ask themselves ‘Why didn’t i try this restaurant i always wanted to try? why don’t i book my trip’ things like that. so glad you enjoyed, canMt wait to share more with you


  3. ohhhhh wowwww, I really can’t find words to describe how I love the text because It’s so deep. I started follow your page on IG and I saw that was so many beautiful places in the world specially Haiti and now I realize that we don’t really take time to look around, we just live our life like it’s present, like to smile, to make something different every day etc… I feel like you have something new for the world, the positivism, I follow you now on worldpress and I’ll continue follow you everywhere lol ;)… Good Job!!!!


    1. Wow Altagracia i’m flattered! Really glad you enjoyed it! Abd YESSS follow follow lol and share with your friends. Thank you for encouraging me and don’t hesitate to ask questions by email (mail in my profil) ill be glad to answer. Xoxo


  4. ann i truly , frm the bottom of my heart , loved the way , you are , as a person ! lol m very much jealous (kidding ) that i got a friend who thinks more better than me and YOU ARE AN AMAZING PERSON whom i came across . I totally involved in ur story n i loved it !!


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