A day in North Africa

Hi guys! πŸ™‚

I missed you! I told myself that i would post once a week, but i’ve been excited to write again two days after my last post lol. I guess i just love sharing my stories with you. first of all i hope all of you had a great week. I know the semester can get heavy, hold on and make it to the end, you can do it.

Today, i will talk about a great experience i had in may 2013. i won’t tell you where it was yet, i will keep you guessing a few minutes. So as some of you know, i study in Montreal, Quebec (yes it is cold right now. I need some sun). When i first arrived in 2010, i was only 16 years old and i had to start college. (yup, complicated story). long story short, i finished earlier than i planned and i was nervous to start college so young. i just hoped nobody would ask how old i was lol.

BUT! After the first day i realized…. I GOT THIS. Nobody even asked, some didn’t believe me when i told them. Everybody was super nice, i already loved it. You guys are probably where i am going with all these details..

All of my first friends where Moroccans. ALL OF THEM. Even though there were a lot of Haitians there, i seemed to get along so well with people from Morocco, it was crazy. First, i met this girl Kawthar. I talked to her because she looked younger than everybody else. She was 18, but looked 15. She was the sweetest thing. Then, through Kawthar i met Sabrine, and trough Sabrine, i met Soumaya. Soumaya and i became really close. Funny how life takes you from one person to another until you meet THAT person you were always destined to meet.

Finally, in 2012, she had to go back to Morocco and i thought i would probably never see her again. You know people talk a lot when they separate for the first time ‘we will keep in touch’ or ‘i’ll come visit’… Most of them don’t come and visit lol. It’s life.

So, while i was planning my last trip abroad to Barcelona, while looking at the map i realized Morocco was REALLY close to Spain! OMG.maafrica

I checked the prices, wrote to Soumeya and that was all it took. I WAS GOING TO MOROCCO! We skyped a few times before my arrival. She was so excited, and so was I. It was so unreal that i would see her but this time not in Canada but in Casablanca

Early in the morning during the month of may, leaving my little hostel room in Barcelona (i will talk about Barcelona soon, that’s another story ;)) i took my little carry on and went to the airport to catch my flight to Morocco. I was so excited. It was my first time ever going to Africa. (still dreaming of visiting other countries over there). I was there early and i had the whole row to myself on the plane. Flipping the pages of my travel book, i was smiling, thinking about all the things i wanted to do and all the places i wanted to visit… Life is so beautiful when you explore it guys.

So after 1 or 2 hours, i was in Morocco. I will only talk about my first day in this post, the rest will be for another time. I arrived at the airport and i could already notice the difference. Everything was written in arabic, people had a different accent but they spoke french which was really cool. I only had a carry on so i didn’t have to wait for my luggage. I just went outside and asked a stranger to use his phone since i couldn’t see Soumaya. Then, while i was still looking i saw her with a man. She didn’t even see me but the man was waving and smiling like he knew me very well! It was her dad. He probably knew i was black so he recognized me right away lol. He looked so happy to see me. wow can you imagine, someone you never met before, greeting you like you were an old friend, people can be really amazing. so the hugs and kisses were all over the place. Her dad grabbed my bag and we walked to the car. It was so HOT. Reminded me of HaΓ―ti πŸ™‚

During the ride we talked a lot. Her dad is super friendly. I noticed she cut her hair really short, the simple things that make you realize you need to catch up πŸ™‚ Then, she asked her dad not to take us home but to drop us in the center of the city. That’s where the adventure began.

She took me to this little place where we would eat. The streets were not so clean, people were staring, it was hot…I LOVED IT lol. it’s crazy how Morocco reminds me of my country, just arabic version.


Little not so fancy taxis, little isles.. it was great. She told me to get ready because we were about to eat with our hands. I got super excited. The people were really friendly, they knew it was my first time there. She asked for camel meat (YESSS CAMEL), lamb, and veggies.

photo 2

Everything was put on the grill. The smell made me even more hungry, i wanted to eat it all. Then dinner was served.

photo 1

This right there guys was sooooo delicious! How to eat it? You take some bread and open it, then with the bread you take the veggies and the meat. YUM. It was amazing. Just when i thought it couldn’t get any better, she told me to put spices on the food.

photo 4

I was in heaven.

After this delicious meal, she told me to come and walk with her. That’s when i remembered why i loved her so much. She is so joyful and full life, she took me everywhere, every random isle in the streets. And, when i think about it, that’s the real way to take the essence of a city. Go at the heart, where there is the real everyday life.photo 3

This is me enjoying some freshly pressed orange juice in the streets. πŸ™‚

And the journey continued…

photo 5-1

Funny part is, i didn’t really feel like a tourist. I felt like i lived there (in another life maybe lol).look at all these colours! Fruits, spices, everything. We walked through this weird place where people read hands. But we didn’t talk to them. She said some of them are witches. I don’t want to scare you guys or anything. I wasn’t scared. I was weirdly excited by all those weird stuff. I was walking and smiling at them. hey.. a smile never hurts..even witches πŸ˜‰

Later that day we took a taxi back to her house. Then she told me to get ready to get a hamam bath! if you know what it is you can imagine it was quite an experience for me! (Maybe i’ll talk about it more in details another day…Can’t really talk about it, you have to experience it)

I also want to talk to you about my second day in Morocco when i went to Marrakech! That will be for another time.

See you next week for another story. And remember, the world is a book, those who don’t explore only read one page.


A travel lover ❀


3 thoughts on “A day in North Africa

  1. I love this story! I’ve always wanted to visit Marrakech! There is something so authentic about the city (from what I read and the documentaries I’ve seen) I’ve always wanted to visit the Medinas and get the feel of the North African air. (I long to to to Morocco and Algeria).
    Like you said, Spain and Morocco are very close. Despite the distance, the obvious differences in culture and gastronomy. What would you say are some customs or mannerism that the people from these two countries share or what makes them different to you.
    Thank you for sharing this with us and the pictures are very helpful in helping our imagination wander
    Look forward to reading you soon.



    1. Hi Steph!
      Thanks for commenting, it’s always a pleasure reading your feedbacks. since i am seeing you soon i will convince you that you should stat saving up for morocco πŸ™‚ Count on me
      Can’t wait to see you


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