Where it all started!

Hi guys!

Between all the readings for school (that i have to do, not that i actually do all of them on time), looking for my summer internship, working on some spiritual things and work, i feel kind of tired. But! i am still here writing my first blog.

So many people wonder why i love traveling so much and why i make it a lifestyle. I personally always loved to go to different places but it was always Haiti-Miami or Canada-New-York, never huge distances nor unknown places. It all started a year ago, when i had to go all the way up in Finland to go study abroad. Yup! Finland. It was nowhere on my list and i had no idea where it was (shame) but yea they decided to send me to Finland. With a positive mind and a happy spirit i accepted the offer and went on my journey to an unknown place. Thank God, i had the time of my life and this is where my love for traveling (or should I say PASSION) took a whole other level. I’ve learned so much. I am telling you guys, it was the experience of  a lifetime and now i can’t stop exploring. I can’t wait to continue with more details in my other blogs. I hope you will be as excited as i am to travel after reading them and i also hope i can give you some advice on places to visit and things to do and of course eat.

For this first blog I decided to share my adventure in Lapland, a city in Finland where i got to go on a husky ride and visit Santa Claus village. Apparently some people wait their whole lives to go there. I just ended up there without knowing what it was lol. Irony of life huh?

So first of all, I really liked the giant snowman. It was the first time i saw such a big snowman. Now, let’s jump to the husky ride part. One word: Amazing. Not only were the huskies beautiful but they are smart and super adorable. I even took a picture face to face with one of them. Her name was Laika if I remember well…not really sure. when I got in the back, the owner gave the huskies the signal to go and then the adventure began. They started running really fast while we were laughing in the back like children. It’s like the huskies were enjoying it more than we did. It was clearly something they did with passion: running in the freezing cold.

After 5 minutes of running among the trees we ended somewhere and trust me when i say it was breath taking. The view was magical. It was like watching the sunset behind a frozen sky (sorry that’s the best description i could find). It looked like a painting, something a famous painter would create with his hands. But yet, it was real, and I got to see it with my own eyes…

I would talk more but i am keeping some stuffs for my other stories

Remember, if you stay in your comfort zone, you will never discover


A travel lover.



3 thoughts on “Where it all started!

  1. It is amazing what you are doing and I think you should never stop exploring the world. Me too I always love to travel. But never had the time to go abroad because of my major. But for sure one day I want to visit Spain and hopefully study art there, specially in Barcelona. I also want to visit Dubai but people are telling me crazy story about it. what did you think about it?


    1. Hi Daika 🙂
      First of all, thank you for reading. I’m glad to hear you love to travel as well. My advice is that, we have time for things we value the most. You will always have an obstacle, not all the money right away or any little thing keeping you from going on your adventure. You just need to set a goal, say ‘this year i am going to xxx place’ and get half of the money and just know that your next pay checks will help pay your credit card. if you wait for the right time, it will never come my dear. MAKE THE JUMP. About Dubai.. you just need to cover a little more than usual when you are not in tourist zone but i will write about it soon don’t worry 🙂 don’t hesitate to ask questions
      Have a nice day


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